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Water Transport to Events

Efficient, Cost-Effective and Clean

Using Bert’s Trucking for your event streamlines the process and allows easy access to the freshest, cleanest water from pristine British Columbia sources to all participants.

Starting with the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics gave us a successful start to providing water during events — large and small. Since then, we have grown to offer the same excellence in logistics, service and efficiency to events across the Sea-to-Sky corridor and beyond.

Bert’s Trucking prides itself on being a local, family-owned company with the highest standards. We specialize in hauling water and nothing but water so that you can be assured that you’re hiring a company you can rely on to bring you the freshest, cleanest, and best tasting water in the world.

See what we can do to make your next event flow and keep your participants hydrated and happy.

The Right Tools for the job

Bert’s Trucking uses tri-axle food-grade stainless steel hauling trucks. Our trucks have a maximum capacity of 7000 gallons or 31,000 litres. We provide access to 30 feet of 3-inch food-grade hose for pumping sterilized water. The company also has 150 feet of vinyl hose used for pumping water into pools and basins. All of our hoses are cam-lock sealed and are powered by a food-grade pump.

Some of our past clients include

  • 2010 Winter Olympics – potable monitored and chlorinated water in accordance with Vancouver Coal Heath regulations.
  • Tough Mudder Whistler
  • Pemberton Music Festival
  • Squamish Music Festival
  • Base Coast Music Festival
  • Coastal Fire Centre – Emergency Water Access