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Safety Procedures

Certified by Vancouver Coastal Health Authority

We’re an efficient, clean (certified by Vancouver Coastal Health Authority) and cost-effective way to keep participants hydrated and happy during your event. From music festivals to extreme sports events and everything in between, a major concern for event organizers is how to keep participants hydrated.

The certification process by Vancouver Coastal Health Authority means that we are able to respond to and provide water during any emergency situation in British Columbia. In the event of a fire, earthquake or even flood, one of the most important needs is freshwater. A reliable water source means that in the case of a natural disaster or other emergencies, sanitary and potable water is available to all residents when needed.

Kosher Product

Bert’s Trucking water is 100% Kosher certified.

Cleaning the Tanks

We have a safety seal program in place and do regular CIP washouts as well as ozone treatment. Washouts are done once a month and are recorded and monitored by lab technicians. Trailers also receive an ozone treatment three times a month.

Seals & Locks

Bert’s Trucking adheres to the highest safety and cleanliness standards. This includes offering seals and locks at all entry and exit points of our water sources. Rest assured all of our tankers offer seals and locks in accordance with the BC Water Association.

Efficient, Cost-Effective and Clean

Using Bert’s Trucking for your event streamlines the process and allows easy access to the freshest, cleanest water from pristine British Columbia sources to all participants.

We specialize in hauling water and nothing but water. When you hire Bert’s Trucking rest assured that nothing but clear freshwater has been in our tanks!

See what we can do to make your next event flow and keep your participants hydrated and happy.